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Beyond merely making a nominal profession of allegiance, we hope that Christ Himself remains our defining distinctive and emphasis! . . .  so that our hearts may remain awed by the Son of God, ever grateful & gladdened for what His amazing grace accomplished for us through costly crucifixion & life-giving resurrection


Beyond merely preaching and teaching, we hope to proclaim the Word of God in convincing reality through the power of the Holy Spirit . . .  so that hearts will become supernaturally awakened from unbelief & be transformed far beyond what any human decision or ability could ever bring about.


Beyond merely conducting a service, we hope to sing to the Lord in worship . . . with hearts supernaturally enabled by God to recognize and also desire the matchless glory and beauty of Jesus Christ far beyond what any music could at any time bring about.


Beyond merely giving intellectual assent to Christian beliefs and standards, we hope to grow in obedient conformity to the will of God . . . so that our hearts may experience gracious transformation into the prescribed likeness of Christ far beyond what unaided human diligence could ever produce.


Beyond merely attending church as spectators or consumers, we hope to join together in the power of the Holy Spirit . . .  with hearts exchanging the faith, hope and love of Christ far beyond what our relational abilities could at any moment sustain.


Beyond merely giving an occasional thought to people who are in pressing spiritual or natural need, we hope to consistently use gospel words and actions to pass on the very help afforded to us by God  . . . being moved to care and act far beyond what any other cause could ever inspire.